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What Are Types of Nursing Theories?

There are three main types of nursing theories: grand, middle, and practice. Grand theories are more general and may require research to fully understand them. They focus on specific interventions and systems. Middle-range theories are more specific and focus on a specific population and situation. They can build on grand theories to provide a broader perspective on nursing practice. For example, the self-care theory focuses on the role of nursing in a patient's self-care.

What are Types of Nursing Theories

There are dozens of nursing theories. Most of these theories are grounded in centuries of research and practice. Nurses may learn about these theories during their nursing education or while working in a healthcare setting. These concepts help them make decisions on how best to provide care. Although nursing theories change over time, most of the major ones have been around for over a century. Here are some examples of how they apply to clinical practice.

Grand nursing theories encompass the broadest scope of nursing and provide a foundation for nursing. These theories often provide a broad perspective on the nursing process and can apply to a variety of nursing environments. These theories can serve as guides for nurses in their daily tasks, such as assessing patient outcomes. However, there are also several practice-level theories. These types of nursing theory are often the most abstract and difficult to apply to real-world settings.

General nursing theories describe the overall concept of nursing care. These theories are the most general and provide a foundation for care. These theories can be applied in a wide range of patient settings. The most common of these theories is the 'grand' theory. Its main aim is to give a broad framework for nursing care. In a sense, it can serve as the 'big picture' that nurses need to know to effectively deliver care.

Practice-level nursing theories are the most general. These are applicable to any patient population and relate to the care of specific patients. Typically, the practice level theory is the most general and applies to all patient settings. The middle-range theory is more generic and applies to all situations. For example, a nurse caring for a mother would use elements of the life perspective Rhythm Model and middle-range nursing theory.

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The first nursing theory was Florence Nightingale, considered the "founder of modern nursing". She is often credited with developing the concept of the "environmental" theory, which states that effective nursing relies on the environment. These theories are also the most common in the field, but they are hardly the only type. Many of them are relevant to the work of nurses. It is important to remember that these are just a few of the many types of nursing theories.

In addition to the individual theories, nurses may also rely on nursing theories to guide their practice. While the'self-care' theory helps nurses to help patients, the self-care theory is the most commonly used nursing theory in modern-day hospitals. These theories provide a logical basis for assisting patients. The most important nursing theory is the 'Self-care' theory. This is the theory that gives the patient the power to take care of themselves.

Different theories are useful for different purposes. For example, women's health nurse practitioners focus on providing care to women. Adult gerontology nurse practitioners focus on caring for people with aging and end-of-life scenarios. Besides these, there are also specialized nursing careers, such as pediatricians, family nurses, and geriatric nurses. A good BSN to DNP program at Regis College will enable nurses to become a doctorate-level practitioner.

The middle-range nursing theory focuses on the individual and their families. The broad theory examines how the social and interpersonal systems of an individual affect the attainment of goals. The second type of nursing theory is the holistic theory, which aims to focus on the whole person. For example, the human-body model looks at the body and its functions. The social system consists of people, communities, and organizations.


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