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Writing A Winning Nursing Case-Study

Writing A Winning Nursing Case-Study

A nursing case study can simply be defined as a record that can be used as a guide when treating patients. It includes all the useful information about a patient such as age, name and the last time where symptoms were visible. Usually, a template is being used to write the nursing case study. It includes the questions that need to be asked, what to look for and what to expect. Here are some guidelines that you can follow in order to write a winning nursing case study. Usually, the case study writing process should include:

  • Introduction about the patient - The introduction should include what is written within the document along with the main objective. The simplicity or complexity of the case study entirely depends on the specific nursing setting. This case study is usually being presented to a group of medical students as a learning aid. Then they will be able to follow it accordingly to care for the patient.
  • Evaluation - Before you start writing the nursery case study, you need to evaluate it carefully. The evaluation process will assist you to determine what you should include in the document or not. In addition, you need to take necessary measures in order to think about all the aspects of the patient. They include the type of medical treatment required, prior treatments offered and their specific requirements. It would be better to follow an outline when writing the case study because it can make your life easy. In other words, you will be able to focus on what you write and stick to the topic. The outline you create should be based on five major steps. They include assessment of the patient, specific nursing requirements needed, the main objectives of care provided, how to start caring for the patient and determination whether the goals have been met.
  • Assessment - The assessment part should include information related to immediate care. It would be better to include the personal needs of the patient, the family disease history, laboratory findings and the orders of the doctor. Moreover, the specific nutritional requirements of the patients are also being included in this section. The core of the nursing case study should include the specific reason why they are being cared for. It should be associated with all the incidents that have created an impact on the present outcome. They include the preliminary treatments offered, the exact time when symptoms started and what led the patient to attend the hospital.

A nursing case study can be considered as a useful tool that is being used in the nursing profession. All the medical students will have to go through the process of writing a nursing case study at any point of time. Before you start writing the case study, you need to gather all the required information. Moreover, you need to double check and verify collected data to make sure they are accurate.

Writing A Winning Nursing Case-Study

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