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UK Career Options for Nursing Graduates Change Saving Title

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UK Career Options for Nursing Graduates Change Saving Title

Nursing is one of the valuable vocational degrees. Nurses are in high demand in any healthcare system including the UK. Over 90 percent of nursing graduates get into paid employment just six months into their graduation. Most of the nursing graduates from UK universities get jobs in the country. Their training makes them an essential part of the healthcare system because it develops personal skills and sense of professionalism which are qualities that many employers value.

It also prepares to nurse for the hectic daily activities that characterize nursing. A typical day for a nurse is busy and diverse as nurses are not limited to working only in hospitals. Some work in clinics, GP surgeries, occupational health services and clinics. Others serve in voluntary organizations, the pharmaceutical industry, military, nursing and residential homes.

Job options for nursing graduates

When a nurse graduates, these jobs directly relate to the degree.

  • Children's nurse
  • Adult nurse
  • High-intensity therapist
  • Health visitor
  • Mental health nurse
  • Learning disability nurse
  • Paramedic
  • Midwife
  • Physician Associate
The above jobs are the ones that many nurses take up upon graduation. The jobs below are also applicable for nursing degrees.

  • Nursing education teaching
  • Counselor
  • Health service manager
  • Play therapist
  • Higher education lecturers
  • Primary care mental health
  • Social worker

Many employees accept applications by graduates with any of the degree subjects hence you should not restrict yourself to just the above jobs.

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Acquiring work experience

If you have any experience in nursing, it increases your chances to find a fulfilling career in various positions of responsibility usually nurse-led clinics or take leadership roles at an executive level. You can develop your career in clinical, management, research and education. It is highly recommendable to get related work experience by working in a clinical experience if you want to increase your relevance for working in the healthcare sector. In addition to improving your understanding of the industry, it also enables you to make some important contacts that may help in future


Internship, volunteering, student projects and part-time jobs are some of the ways for students to improve critical skills that employers look for when reading applications. Working as a healthcare assistant or care worker, volunteering at a hospital or other professional experience involving caring of patients is a good preparation. Hospital visits and talking to nurses about the roles also helps you to know to understand the career in a better way.

Leading employers of nurses

The typical employers from nurse graduates in the UK include:

  • National Health Service (NHS)
  • Private clinics and hospitals
  • Private sector healthcare providers contracted by NHS to provide services for its patients
  • Voluntary organizations
  • Industry
  • Schools and institutions of higher learning
  • Armed forces and prisons
  • Private sector entities like private nursing homes and leisure cruise companies
  • Airlines
Skills that impress nursing employers

A nursing degree will give graduates a range of technical and professional skills including working as part of a multidisciplinary team, supporting and advising patients and even their families. As a new graduate, it helps to develop an ability to assess, monitor and evaluate the kind of care to deliver. You gain personal qualities and skills that attract the attention of employers across healthcare sectors. These include:

  • Empathy
  • Adaptability
  • Flexibility
  • Leadership
  • Time management and organization
  • Determination and tenacity
  • Ability to solve problem s and make decisions
  • Skills to conduct research
Further studies

Graduate nurses can opt to enroll for Masters Degrees before they enter the job field. There are various post-graduate courses such as advanced clinical practice and other various specialist subjects. The option to advanced education is also available to work nurses. Some employers give permission for their nurses to go for further studies and even offer financial support.

Advanced studying is essential since healthcare is always developing and any practicing nurse should keep up with the latest technology and current issues to address the changing needs by patients adequately.

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