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Types of Nurses You Find In UK

Types of Nurses You Find In UK

Nursing in the UK has a historical perspective. It is the home to Florence Nightingale, the pioneer on modern nursing. Nightingale began formal nursing schools in the United Kingdom in 19th and early 20th century. The perception and role of nursing have gone through tremendous changes. Nurses are no longer simple helpers to doctors. They have become professionals in their right, and some can even play the role almost similar to that performed by physicians as they now go through extensive training.

Today the UK has more than 300,000 nurses working in various settings including hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, health centers and even within communities. Some nurses are now better trained that they end up becoming nurse educators. There are various types of nurses in the UK to meets the ever growing need for specialist services. These are:

Registered Nurse

Registered nurses (RNs) spend four years or two for an accelerated program to get their degree. Everyday duties that an RN performs include attending to and caring for the patients. Registered nurses are also responsible for handing out medications to the patients. They are the only cadre of nurses with permission to handle controlled substances. Often RNs are given the responsibility to head other nurses (LPNs and CNAs) and may also manage their work schedules. A registered nurse in the UK earns an average hourly wage of £22.

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

This is a role specific type of nursing whereby nurses take care of the patients. They may also do other things such giving injections or passing out medications. To become an LPN, you will study for one year in one of the accredited college programs to learn skills that go beyond those of the nursing assistants. The job of an LPN is almost similar to that by registered nurses although the responsibilities are not involving like those of an RN. The average pay for an LPN is £14 per hour.

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Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

A CNA is the most basic position of nursing. Nurses at this level are the spine of the medical field as they usually deal with patients more than other nurses. Certified nursing assistants are responsible for daily care of the patients. Their job entails feeding, bathing and performing other general tasks for the patients. To become a CNA requires a short training course and a pass on a state test. CNAs earn an average pay of £8 per hour.

Occupational Health Care

Occupational health nurses are the same professionals that some people refer as licensed vocational nurse. They work in various areas within healthcare. These nurses are usually the ones who take care of injured workers at workplace or children at school. The training is the same for other types nursing but requires the trainee to acquire a college degree. On graduation, an LVN must pass a licensure exam to begin practicing. The median hourly wage for occupational health nurses is £20.

Public Health Nurse

These are RNs with training on how to deal with health issues affecting the public. To train as PHN takes two years of basic training with additional years of schooling to earn a bachelor's degree. It is the role of PHN to keep track of the communicable diseases and any epidemics in his/her region as well as administer immunizations to the children.

Nurses in the above categories work across all the demographics of public health. They serve adults, children, and persons with mental health issues. Nursing has many specialties to choose from and may require specific training.

To practice as a nurse in one type of nursing in the UK, you must get registration from NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council).

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