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How to Write a Research Proposal Assignment

How to Write a Research Proposal Assignment

A research proposal is a summary of proposed study. It briefly introduces the questions or central issues you plan to address. In your research proposal, you will outline the general study area within which your research will fall referring to existing state of knowledge and recent debates on the topic. It should demonstrate that your research will be original.

Your lecturer will use the research proposal to determine if you have done the following:

  • Identified a problem
  • Done sufficient preliminary research/reading in the area
  • Studies Theoretical background and methodical approach on how to solve the problem
  • Got an ability to complete the task at hand within realistic time frame at a reasonable expense

How to Write an Excellent Research Proposal Assignment

Have a clear aim. Write down your objectives beforehand and refer to them when writing your sections. It allows you to have a relevant literature review and ensure that the methods achieve your aim.

2. Provide essential details. Provide supporting details especially in the data analysis and methodology sections. Provide an explicit explanation if the way you will analyse your data mentioning the theories and software you will use. Mention the subjects of your research and provide the reasons for your choice.

Defend your proposal. Support your proposal strongly and demonstrate that you have conducted adequate research the issue. Think of it as an application funding that you must get.

Revise if necessary. Do not fear to alter and narrow down the topic if you begin with a big concept but realize it is too broad to tackle and requires more resources than what you have. Sometimes it might require you to rethink the proposal and return to the library for further reading.

Structure of A Research Proposal Assignment

This format helps to write a paper that readers can go through with ease.

Title:Your title for research at this point is tentative, but all the same, it should be relevant. If you research gets approval, you can revise it. You should, therefore, prepare your title with care so that it is brief, accurate, comprehensive and descriptive to indicate the subject of your investigation. A good title should be about ten words and if possible include keywords that relate to the area in which you can classify your research subject.

Abstract:A one-page summary of the planned research. Set out the problem to examine the central question in around 100 words. Do the best to narrow the topic and provide the relevant aspects in a clear manner.

Review of literature:A short overview of the current state of research connecting to your project.It helps to give a broad background in the way that you will conduct the research. Give a brief overview of your general study area for the proposed research to demonstrate familiarity within the field. It also demonstrates your ability to communicate the ideas concisely and clearly. It is essential that you refer to most significant contributions by other researchers, a framework of ideas you will use to back ideas.

Objectives of the research:Provide a clear outline of academic and non-academic goals to achieve with by your project. The justification can be theoretical or empirical.

Research questions:This section prioritizes the core issues or aims that guide your research. Explain the approach you will take to answer the question. Ensure that your project is narrow and feasible.

Research methodology:A central part of research as it outlines the research methods you will use to conduct your research. They might include visiting libraries or doing field interviews. Provide the key details of the interviews and an explanation of your resources for library study e.g. reports, journal articles, etc.

Timetable:Provide a timeline showing the sequence of your research phases and the period within which you will complete each. It might be an estimate, but you should be familiar with a practical span for each step.

Bibliography:Lists of relevant academic works in your research outline and other significant works you will refer in your research.

Winding Up the Research Proposal Assignment

After writing, proofread the work to ensure that it all sections achieve the purpose and that the text is free of errors. Remove any irrelevant content and leave only that which demonstrates that the research you are proposing is viable.

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