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How To Write A Taxation Assignment

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How To Write A Taxation Assignment

Students taking taxation course study the policies, rules, and laws that control the legal process. During their study, teachers require them to write assignments on various taxes and the law governing them. When you get an assignment, the first thing you should do is to read the instructions carefully to determine the specific requirements by your instructor.

Choosing theTaxation AssignmentTopic

Your tutor can assign a topic or ask you to develop one. If it your choice, pick a topic that allows you to explore the issue of taxation and demonstrate your knowledge on the matters you have been covering in class. Some of the general areas to get your topic on taxation includes:

  • Tax law
  • New tax legislations
  • Tax status of individuals
  • Capital gains tax
  • Tax on salary
  • Corporate tax
  • Accounting
  • Insurances
  • Tax on interests and dividends
  • Inheritance tax
  • Social security

Writing a taxation assignment requires you to have an in-depth knowledge on theoretical, application and mathematical aspects of taxes. Before you begin writing it is necessary that you familiarize yourself with compilation strategy of calculations and sentences.

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Research on The Taxation AssignmentTopic For Content

Tutors appreciate well researched original work. Get a good overview of your topic and assess it carefully before to determine how much you know about it. A thorough evaluation enables you to determine about the material in your possession and if there is need to carry further research on the topic.

Identify the important concepts to analyse and choose research sources those that will fulfil the requirements of your examiner. Identify those that which will support your topic firmly. Books, journal articles, and relevant website reference are good sources. It is necessary to confirm the accuracy of the figures and precision of the calculations as even a single error in your taxation assignment might ruin your grades.

Writing the Taxation Assignment


Introduce your topic by identifying the key theories and concepts you will discuss in the paper. Present a thesis statement towards the end of your introduction.


Put down the information from your research focusing on those with a stronger connection to your topic or assignment question. Maintain the continuity of ideas for them to flow deliberately within paragraphs and transition smoothly to another. Avoid confusing the reader by mixing up ideas by dividing the work into different paragraphs each with one concept or idea.

Use information from various sources to reflect your understanding and back the evidence to your claims with examples that show how your concepts apply in real practice.

It is essential that demonstrate the relevance and importance of your arguments to the overall discussion.You can use figures, tables, and graphs to break down complex statistics. Number them sequentially and label them. Place them close to the text that you are referring as possible. You can also place them in the results section and complex raw data in your appendix. It is essential to guide the reader to interpret the information.

Avoid borrowing too much information from one source as it will lead plagiarism although unintentional. Read the content from your source and write in your words unless you are quoting directly. When you revamp data from the information of origin to another format, ensure that you cite references of the information. Do not pop up tables or figures in the text without referring to its existence and relevance to the argument in preceding text.

Concluding the Research on the Taxation Assignment

A conclusion brings your assignment to closure. Write a conclusion that will summarize the most important points and combines them together into one thread. Your conclusion should also restate the thesis statement in your introduction using different words to tie up your entire work and bring it to a full circle.

You can also follow the defensive strategy whereby you justify your arguments. This approach is helpful if you are a stuck at a certain point. It gives an additional dimension to the assignment and instils the point you are making to your readers.

Revise your work thoroughly to ensure that it is factual. When proofreading also determine that your task communicates the message correctly in smooth flowing paragraphs. If the transitions are weak or the research does not support your topic well, you change the thesis or conduct further research. Revise sections with spelling, punctuation, grammar and word usage. It is also essential to verify the sources and adherence to rules of the style guide.

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