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How to Improve Circulation

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How to Improve Circulation

Circulation is the movement of blood through body vessels as a result of pumping action by the heart. It helps to distribute oxygen and nutrients as well as remove waste products from the body.

Blood circulation is not just about its motion in the body but also the way it assists in different systems and processes in the body. When the body does not achieve the optimal blood circulation, it is necessary to take action that improves circulation. These are the common ways of how to improve circulation.

Prescription Medication

Doctors prescribe Pentoxifylline to help in improving blood flow for patients with circulation problems. It also helps in relief of cramping, aching and tiredness in the limbs that occur due to poor circulation.

The medicine works by decreasing blood thickness (viscosity) allowing faster flow, especially in the smaller veins on the hands as well as feet. Pentoxifylline prescription could also be for treatment of other illnesses such as strokes, sickle cell disease, diabetic neuropathy pain, and ear or eye disorders.

Over The Counter Medications

Aspirin and ibuprofen have blood thinning, and anti-clotting properties thus help in improving circulation. Taking vitamins with high iron dosage also help in making the blood to flow effortlessly in the veins.

Lifestyle Changes

Making changes in lifestyle for a healthier living help in improving circulations. You can improve flow by doing the following.

Maintaining healthy weight

Excess, weight and obesity suppress circulation by congesting arteries with fat that blocks quick movement of blood. Losing weight and keeping the Ideal BMI improves circulation by reducing the fats that clog the blood vessels. It is also essential to reduce intake of salty processed foods and potassium in foods such as banana or dark leafy vegetables. Sodium is critical but an excess amount causes the blood vessels to contradict and trigger circulatory disorders.

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Keeping fit by exercises

Cardiovascular exercises such as running, cycling or walking raise the heart rate and aid in the pumping of more blood thus boosting circulation. Exercises also improve the body's ability to let in and are oxygen. The capacity of blood vessels to expand and work more efficiently enhances after a workout by allowing muscles to receive more oxygen and effortlessly.

Eating an iron-rich and less fatty diet

Iron of the most vital components of hemoglobin, the oxygen transporter in the blood. World Health Organization statistics show that deficiency of iron is widespread hence it is essential to include iron-rich foods such as wholegrain cereals, red meat, kidney beans, lentils and dark leafy greens in the diet. A circulation improving diet should aim at reducing intake of saturated fats by eating leaner cuts of meat and avoiding much of full-fat dairy.

Eating oily fish

Oily fish contain omega-3 fatty acids that help in promoting health and improving circulation. Oily fish such as salmon and mackerel contain polyunsaturated fatty acids with proven ability to assist in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure that both contribute to poor blood flow. Vegetarians can rely on a supplement with omega-3 fatty acids or take kale as it contains a small amount of the essential acids.

Drinking tea

Tea is rich in antioxidants like polyphenols, flavonoids, and catechins that assist in flow mediation of arteries an indication of arterial health. Black, green and white tea all help in increasing the antioxidant status of the blood. Green tea also helps to reduce the risk of coronary artery disease.

Brush the body

Brushing the skin before taking a shower with a loofah(dried bath sponge) or body brush helps in stimulating blood circulation and improves health functioning of a lymphatic system. The best way to brush the body is by using long firm strokes towards the direction of the heart.

Cigarette smoking and sitting for long deter healthy efficient circulation. It is essential to stand frequently, lift and extend the legs under the desk. Quitting smoking is even more critical since tobacco has carbon monoxide that reduces the ability of the blood to carry essential oxygen in the body.

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