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What Are the Symptoms of Depression

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What Are the Symptoms of Depression

Depression is a mood disorder causing persistent sadness and a loss of interest. Clinical depression or major depressive disorder is the other names for depression. It affects the way someone feels, thinks and behaves. It often leads to various physical and emotional problems that hinder normal functioning to work on frail activities. Some depressed people feel as if their lives are not worth living.

Many times, people confuse depression disorders with anxiety disorder but they are different. Some of the symptoms might be similar as both are about apprehension about something that is about to happen but depression includes a feeling of hopelessness. Anxiety usually occurs first and a buildup of stress leads to depression. There is no evidence that one of the disorders causes the other since, in some instances, they occur at the same time.

People with depression might have few or many symptoms. The common include:


Feeling sad is one of the depression symptoms but might include a feeling of emptiness and hopelessness. It hinders the control of negative thoughts despite the efforts. It is one of the reasons people cry without an obvious reason.


Severe depression makes somebody feel helpless and worthless. The person might even view the depression as an indicator of weakness and be overly self-critical.

Physical pains

People having depression often get pains and aches. Constant headaches or digestive problems without other medical causes could be a sign of depression especially when they do not respond to treatments.

Mental symptoms

Depression affects the thought process slowing it down and causing deviation. It is the reason why the depressed people have trouble concentrating, remembering details or making decisions. If these symptoms occur every day, it is important to consult a psychologist.

Loss of energy

Depression can cause constant tiredness. Depression that induces fatigue causes the depressed person to feel as if the physical pain has been slowed down.

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Change in sleep patterns

Waking up earlier than usual because of inability to sleep or too much sleeping could be symptoms of depression.

Loss of interest

Loss of interest in pleasurable activities, social interactions and hobbies is a common problem among most of the people with depression. This could be mistaken as neglect of physical grooming and neglecting responsibilities.

Significant changes in appetitive

Sudden eating of too little or too much food without any medical cause is a sign of depression. When the body gains or losses over 55 of the weight in just a month is another warning sign of severe depression. The change in appetite or weight occurs since some people lose interest I any things including affording during a depression. Others eat more as their way of compensating for gloomy feelings.


Obsession with social media, shopping or gambling can be a sign of depression the disorder causes a feeling of deprivation of the real human companionship. It is the reason why some depressed people turn to the online world as the way of escaping from depressing thoughts and feelings. Although the diagnosis of depression and addiction are separate they usually overlap when someone turns to the habit as a temporary coping mechanism.


The depression symptom might cause feelings of anger, anxiety or restlessness. Some of the seriously depressed people express their feelings by reckless behavior or aggression.

A person who fumes after a slight mishap or disagreement could be depressed because they find it tougher to enjoy life and getting through the day is overwhelming.

Suicidal thoughts

Someone who thinks and begins planning self-harm is having symptoms of serious depression and requires help quickly.

Depression has many signs and symptoms but when there is no motivation to wake, work, socialize, work or exercise, it can be a sign of the disorder.

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