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How to Write an Academic Paper When You have Limited Time?


Writing an academic paper can be one of the most challenging academic activities as it includes a lot more than just skimming through articles written by other authors. A good academic paper consists several sections from the background through the conclusion and needs clear and authentic analytical thinking (Strauss, 2012). It allows the author to draw out the most credible, and useful information and put it in a compact form that can be further evaluated and expanded. Due to its complexity, an academic paper needs a fair amount of time, and under strict time constraints, the task becomes even more challenging (Swales & Feak, 2004). This essay includes a discussion on how to write an academic paper when little time is available.

Writing an Academic Paper and Time Challenges

Writing academic paper is a challenge, and one of the most important factors to tackle this task is to start early. It does not only allow to handle the complexities of the paper, but also provides enough time to revisit the information included in the paper to make sure that it is authentic, well-put, and will sound compelling to the reader. When someone confronts time constraints while writing an academic paper, it is likely that the author will make mistakes in the formatting, content, structure, or the overall outline of the paper due to the eleventh- hour panic (Hyland, 2004).

The reason little time availability can be one of the major constraints in academic writing is because the author cannot get enough time to do research on the topic that can potentially reduce the descriptive and analytical content in the paper. If an author has to write an academic paper in little time, it is highly significant that he gives keen attention to some crucial points to be able to provide high-quality paper. Furthermore, wise planning can play a potentially constructive role in making the process smoother even with shorter deadlines (Street, 2009).

Time Management

Although efficient time management skills are always important in writing an academic paper, their importance gets intensified with shorter deadlines. It is highly important to understand that time management is the key to producing a good paper. Based on the nature of the paper and his writing skill set, the author needs to realise how much time is left and break it down into smaller parts to prepare a personal schedule. The author should consider working on the sections that hold important spots in the paper and come back to the less important ones later. It enables the author to address the paper from the most important to the least important parts. Although the real-life time available for the task will remain the same, good time management can help the author to utilise the available time in the best possible way. (Murray, 2013).

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