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Tourist Destination Pressures Task


Tourism plays a vital role in the economy of any country as it brings millions of dollars into the economy and also makes the circulation of money faster and regular due to the ample amount of money spent by the tourists in the country. This report is about one of the most important tourist sites in Amsterdam, Netherland; the Rijksmuseum. The museum plays a vibrant role in the tourism industry and the economy of the city and the country as well. Every year, thousands of people from within the country and around the world come to visit the museum and in this way, give a boost to the Dutch economy (Pekel, 2014). It has been reported that the Rijksmuseum contributes about €235 million to the Dutch GDP with each visitor contributing €110. It is also reported that the museum is expected to contribute approximately €3 billion to the GDP of Dutch economy till 2017, and 5%-10% of the tourist expenditures in Amsterdam are dedicated to the museum only. The museum is also the source of income for 3700 people in the form of jobs (ING, 2015).

It has been reported by (Trend, 2013), that one fourth of the tourists coming to Amsterdam come only to visit the Rijksmuseum. The increasing number of tourists every year at the museum puts a lot of pressure on the economy and environment of the city and also makes it even more challenging for the management of the museum and the city as well. There is a need to make proper policies to tackle the increasing number of tourists that turn towards the city and the museum every year so that sustainable tourism can be ensured (Dutchnews.nl, 2009).

The report is divided into six major sections. The first section of the report is a detailed review of the destination that is the Rijksmuseum located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The section includes the history of the museum and its cultural importance. It also covers the details about a major decade-long renovation project of the museum. The second section specifically focuses on the tourism situation of the museum, its popularity among the tourists and future prospects. The third section explains the carrying capacity and sustainable tourism with respect to the museum. The fourth section explains the issue that the museum faced and might face in the future due to increasing tourist pressure. The fifth section provides possible solutions for those issues and also explains how other similar sites are coping up with the situation and how their policies and tactics can be used in making this museum able to deal with the tourism pressures. The last section concludes the report.

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