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Business Improvement Report for Toyota Company


Processes an organization uses in its operation is of great importance due to it is a major contributor to the success of a business. The management of these processes will also play a critical role in contributing to the success of a business. As the business environment evolves with time and innovative ways of doing business keep on being discovered, then, an organization should constantly analyses and review its business process. This will help the organization in being more efficient in its operations and also maintaining competitiveness of the market.

In this report the organization to be focused on is ‘Toyota Company’. The following report examines the processes implemented by the organization ‘Toyota’ in the manufacturing and management responsibilities of the automobiles in regards to the regional management structures. The report presents an overview of the current business processes and groundwork recommendations aimed at improving the efficiency and value of these processes.

Toyota is a renowned company globally and is one of the world’s leading automobile corporations. It is not only the symbol of Japan but is also one of the best models of business for all the Multinational companies to expand its operations abroad. Toyota has set up a benchmark for all these MNCs that wants to enhance and expand its operations abroad (Ojha, 2014). The company was established in the year 1937, and faced many challenged and experience various changes in their operations processes. The automobile industry is face with many competitive advantages distinguished in the perfect management and car’s quality (Van Der Aalst, Hofstede, Veske, 2003). Ultimately, the huge success of Toyota motors globally is because of all these distinguished competitive advantages. In 2010, we have an instance that Toyota sold vehicles around 8.5 million in the market globally and this figure surpassed that of the total sales of General Motors (GM) (Ojha, 2014).

This paper aims to analyze the business improvement reports and the further enhancement of the operations processed adopted by Toyota. This report will highlight the sustainable advantages of the corporation Toyota and by application of the various strategies to figure out the potential threats that lurk being the brilliance and success of Toyota (Sunam & Paudel, 2013). The analysis is based on the paradigm of Dunning’s Eclectic which involves the three main perspectives like internalization, ownership and locational benefits (Ojha, 2014). Toyota has implemented the Just in Time invesntory management system and the Production system of Toyota which helps them to remain the market leaders. However, the report aims to idenify the weaknesses of Toyota and how they can use their strengths to maintain their leadership worldwide.

Mission, Target Market and Strategy of Toyota

The mission of the organization is to professionally and prudently manage Toyota’s operations to maximize long-term financial returns to the organization (Kovach, Vinns & Stefanak, 2010).Toyota aims to attain and attract customers with the highest valued services and products which gives them the most ownership satisfying experience. Toyota also visions to be the most respected and successful corporation globally.

The target group of Toyota Motors are the business men, employed persons, upper and middle income group people. Toyota manufactures luxurious and quality cars for its target market so that they benefit from these processes and ensuring a long term financial return to the Company (Ojha, 2014).

In order to increase the efficiency of the organization, the following are the organizations strategy and measure to be taken. The organization seeks to develop a user driven and comprehensive management information system plan that will seek to prioritize information development and distribution. To achieve this strategy the organization will take the following measures ie. Develop and implement an automobile information management system (Maraseni et al, 2014); Development and maintenance of a common infrastructure and reporting framework (Ojha, 2014).

Develop and implement a financial framework that will seek to evaluate endowment land assets and activities taking place. The following measures will be taken by the organization to achieve this strategy.Work with all bureaus together with program managers in order to develop metrics that will be used in the evaluation of financial performance of the company’s operations (Waila, 2014).nContinue with the formulation of comprehensive plans for business assets; Formulate performance metrics for the different product classes

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