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Conspiracy Theory


What guts did it take for the U.S government to kill its citizens for a politically motivated gain? Some multiple reports claim that the government of some mentioned countries has used the same strategy. The plan involves killing your people and end up covering the act by blaming it on another person, group or individual as witnessed during the 9/11 attack. Well, some people including American citizens brush off the idea and seem to care less about the 9/11 attack. As a result, this research propagates that the 9/11 attack dated September 11, 2001, on the World Trade Center as well as the Pentagon was an inside job.

The series of activities that took after the great attack brings out the real picture. After the attack and a series of bombings in Afghanistan, then President George Bush had a plan to take over seven different countries namely: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran within a stipulated period of five years (Swami, Chamorro-Premuzic, and Furnham). The reigning president used weapons of mass destruction to attack Iraq in the year 2003.The truth is, this was his main agenda once he got into the presidency.

A series of evidence shows that the attack was an inside job as a result of films and video footage taken. Some high-ranking individuals managed to produce their piece of proof. They ranged from the then president of the United States to defense ministers, heads of the army intelligence as well as eye witnesses. The evidence is explained below.

Explosives Brought Down WTC Buildings

Richard Gage, one of the patrons of Architects and Engineers, aimed to find out the 9/11 truth changed some individuals from believing the official story related to the attack (Einstein, Albert). A short video with a range of 33 minutes clearly explains and shows how the series of events took place on that fateful day. The video clearly shows that a series of explosions were witnessed at the ground floor before the 47 story building collapsed.

The truth is, the building was not hit by a plane. The building came to its knees by way of free fall. Besides, organizations like the New York police department and media had knowledge that the building was to collapse. The aftermath of the demolition bore all the evidence since a series of explosives used to demolish identified in the scene. Proof of thermite incendiaries was found in the twin towers. The mentioned ammunition is used to destroy steel which is mainly used to build such big structures.

Various reports from media houses such as BBC claim that the building came to its knees fifteen minutes before the actual explosion. Consequently, this shows that the whole turn out of events was strategically pre-planned. The attack was widely blamed on the terrorist group AL-Qaeda believed to be headed by Osama bin Laden. The question lies on the strategy they used to plant explosives in the building which was under surveillance all along. The brother and cousin to the then US president were in charge of security in the building hence brings out evidence that the president was then directly involved.

The other evidence is quite substantial and shows that no plane hit the Pentagon. No debris was identified in the aftermath. No tail or wing sections of the claimed plane were identified. Debris small enough to be handpicked was identified. The airplane claimed to be a BOEING 757, 38 meters wide had no remains at all yet it only hit an opening believed to be only 5 meters wide. As a result, this stands to be undeniable proof that a plane hit the Pentagon.

In any given case where casualties are involved in the aftermath of an accident, police officers and paramedics are always on toes to aid them to save a life. During the 9/11 attack, the FBI arrived earlier and confiscated video footage from the Pentagon and surrounding buildings believed to have been captured by CCTV cameras. After that, only four videos were released in the year 2006 following a special request. Out of the four free videos, only two showed substantial evidence. The story was absurd in the sense that how a plane traveling at a speed of 800 kilometers per hour made 270 degrees turn.

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