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Impact of Social Media on Human Relationships

The internet is one of the most impactful developments in humankind’s recent history. It has much like the telephone which allowed people to extend their networks by far beyond what was presumable by those in the past. Individuals can easily communicate with others around the world as long as they have the internet. The invention of social media has also shifted the lives of a lot of people. Social media has made it possible for people communicate easily and quickly with more than just the individuals they have befriended and met in public life, now they can come across and become friends with people across the world, people they never have and may never meet in the physical world. There are many advantages that social media has given to human beings as well as negative effects. (tcotter paragraph 1)

Social media has presented many individuals a way to battle encroaching feeling of loneliness, but it has also reduced the quality of relationships. The ability to fabricate the identity one puts forward on social media can obliterate all the factors that aid in deepening and solidifying relationships. Individuals concentrate on making sure that only the best things that happen in their lives make it onto their social media profiles to be seen by others, and regularly do their best to hide signs of emotional weakness, conflict or insecurity. These are the things that usually make people closer to each other. However, they only work when individuals interact face to face in the real world and not on social media where they want their lives to appear perfect. However, there are also positive ways in which social media has affected human relationships. (Bonanno paragraph 3)

Social media has been used to help to connect people so that they can communicate better. This can result in the planning of events in the real world and can help to make sure that more individuals can participate; this leads to increase in self-esteem and general mental health. Social media can also aid in connecting people who may have never interacted. This is done by expanding the circles within which individuals interact. It can, therefore, aid in the facilitation of new relationships that develop into the physical world. With reasonableness, social media can be of great importance to one’s life, help in enriching the already existing ones and easing the probable growth of new ones. It is, therefore, important to differentiate between a relationship that exists solely on social media and a truly meaningful relationship. (Bonanno paragraph 2)

Other importance of social media has been exploited by both introverts and extroverts. Extroverted individuals can use social media as another platform to interact with their friends in many ways. Introverted people use social media as a more easy method of interaction between themselves and others; this is because social media makes it possible for a more relaxed and thoughtful platform of communication where introverts may be able to advance their communication skills with others. However, it is important to note that these people should think of social media as just one method of communication; therefore, it is essential for them to physically interact with people for them to better their skills of interaction with others. (Bonanno paragraph 4)

According to studies, seven percent of communication is based on verbal or written words and the remaining ninety-three percent relies on body language, this can only be experienced in the face to face communication (Mitchell 2009). This can make social media act as a mask whereby it is easily hiding what people do not want you to see for example someone who is living a troubled life can easily use emoticons and smileys in their messages to cover up their miseries. This can lead to dire consequences if they don’t seek help. (Caciopo & Patrick paragraph 4)

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