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Establishing IT Organization

According to the DBS goals, the main agenda was to improve on the IT infrastructure by automating business processes across all its branches. This is evident from exhibit 7 which indicates a milestone in the technological structure of the bank. The exhibit shows a projection to the future where the pending automation will be standardized.

During the time of David, some of the lean principals that helped DBS to succeed were the improvement on the customer wait time which was eliminated at the rate of 240 million hours. This lean canvas helped so much in delivery of the scheduled projects. Another factor was investment into collaborative technology.

During the technological integration of DBS, the service oriented architecture was among the most preferable way of technological change in the bank.

While thinking around big data, structured data organization in the bank would be a key to improving customer’s experience if data mining is combined with analysis. Big data is the current trend in information systems and having a historical data in any company is important for growth and improvement in customer experience.

Customer Journey laboratory should focus on putting the customer at heart i.e. having the bank placing themselves in the customer’s shoe to experience what customers go through. In bid to implement this, the bank implemented an SMS system to help customers in carrying out basic transactions like balance enquiry and account information. Also bank added some alternative touchpoints to improve on customer convenience.

The technological incubation of the bank is suitable due to the approach of rolling out the system in phases. Also the implementation of the core banking system that connects multiple branches is a success for the bank. The bank also has a Business intelligence plan that includes social media and SMS system into the banking application.

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