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Sexual Abuse of Children


This research paper deals with child sexual abuse. The main focus of this paper is to identify the causes of child sexual abuse including impacts and consequences of this obnoxious activity. This paper depicts how child sexual abuse damages the social development of a child. An abused child may become a criminal in his or her later life. This paper also suggests how the parents should treat their children, especially how they can teach their children to control their emotional feelings. In proper parenting, love, care and awareness are important factors which help in developing a child’s psychological condition. Child sexual abuse may harm his or her normal mental and psychological growth. In this paper child sexual abuse and its harmful effects are described from social perspective. Social development is seriously hampered due to child sexual abuse. Researchers’ tried to reveal facts in regard to child sexual abuse and to focus on the causes and effects of this problem. A sexually abused child, especially an abused female child, becomes frightened and feels disgust to having sex in her later life.

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Management Information System


Management information is an essential part of today’s business strategy where information systems (IS) departments face many challenges. The present global business environment is highly competitive and frequently changing. Complex business procedures are run by giant organizations, which members can hardly supervise their whole complexity. Consequently, the basic causes for fragile operational decisions remain unnoticed until serious demurrages are caused. In many countries like Estonia, the Gulf Cooperative Council, Hong Kong, India, Slovenia, and Taiwan, the key issues of the management information system (MIS) have been performed. Grounded on the observations of MIS managers of the US-based international companies, a worldwide key issues study has been reported.

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Study Of Effect Of Water Reducing Admixture On Slump, Air Content And Compressive Strength


Concrete is the homogeneous mixture of cement, coarse aggregates, fine aggregates, and water. Cement acts as binding material which binds coarse aggregates (ballast), fine aggregates (sand) after reacting with water and set out in a rigid mass. Coarse aggregate provide the strength to concrete. Fine aggregates fill the remaining pores (voids) so that we can get a solid homogeneous mass after setting and hardening of the paste. Different grades of concrete are used for different purpose based on loading and Environmental condition. If the loading is increases, the grade of concrete needs to increase. Different type of admixtures is also added during the mixing time in order to modify the certain properties of concrete that required under some circumstances. The choice and dosage of admixture depends upon our specific requirement that suited in local environmental and loading condition where we are going to use concrete. The admixture which causes early setting and hardening of concrete are called accelerators.

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Business Improvement Report for Toyota Company


Processes an organization uses in its operation is of great importance due to it is a major contributor to the success of a business. The management of these processes will also play a critical role in contributing to the success of a business. As the business environment evolves with time and innovative ways of doing business keep on being discovered, then, an organization should constantly analyses and review its business process. This will help the organization in being more efficient in its operations and also maintaining competitiveness of the market.

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Basics of Environmental Impact Assessments of Project in order to attain Sustainable Development


Social and economic development in most developing countries currently stands as a dilemma between meeting basic human needs of the increasing population on one hand, and conserving declining natural resources on the other. Development projects such as dam, road, power line construction etc. bring about changes in the ecosystem in which they are undertaken. Such changes affect both the environment and well being of man. These impacts can be adverse if the processes are not well regulated or controlled through improved project selection and more responsive planning and design.

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