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Many Faces of Criminology

Many Faces of Criminology

Cheema, A. A., & Virk, A., (2012). Reinventing Lombroso in the era of genetic revolution: whether criminal justice system actually imparts justice or is based on ‘Convenience of Assumption’? International Journal of Criminology and Sociological Theory, 5(2), 936-946.

This article depicts that the genes are the highly influential factors to shape every human behavior. The prior notion was that the genes play a vital role in developing certain physical characteristics, whereas this article draws the attention of a reader to the fact that a criminal can be defined as a ‘born criminal’ due to the gene factor. The advanced genetic technology research proves that criminal behavior is much influenced by the genetic structure. This latest hypothesis shook the free-will foundation on which criminal justice system is founded. The research puts a sign of interrogation beside Lombroso’s theory of ‘atavism’.

The paper is written by Aman Cheema, an assistant professor at the Panjab University Regional Centre, and Ashish Virk, Panjab University Regional Centre. It basically depicts the criminology and criminal behavior and its impact on the society.

The purpose of the resource: the main purpose of this resource is to evaluate the actual reason of criminal behavior.

The resource is much important for students who are studying criminology. To get a clear picture about the relation of criminology and genetics, this article must be read properly. It is an important source for defining criminal behavior. This information can be used for several reasons: criminal justice and the identification of criminals.

Clark, M. (2011). Exploring the criminal lifestyle: A grounded theory study of Maltese male habitual offenders. International Journal of Criminology and Sociological Theory, 4(1), 563-583.

This research explores the causes of becoming and remaining criminals, including the lifestyles of habitual criminals who develop criminal careers. This paper deals with the descriptions of habitual criminals’ stories and attempts to reveal how the way of a criminal’s life is shaped and characterized by distinctive behavioral patterns. The way of life of an offender supplies several advantages to those who want to pursue it. Criminal lifestyle is revealed as a significant factor during the adult years.

The paper is written by Marilyn Clark, the lecturer at the University of Malta. It basically discusses the causes of becoming and remaining a criminal.

Purpose of the resource: the main purpose of this resource is to bring forth the relation between criminology and social identity.

The resource is significant for the criminologists and criminology students to acquire an apparent depiction of the criminology relation. It is significant to know about criminal behavior and this resource can be used to deepen understanding about criminal lifestyle and behavior.

Cohen, P. (2011). Genetic basis for crime: A new look. The New York Times. Retrieved from http://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/20/arts/genetics-and-crime-at-institute-of-justice-conference.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0

This article stands against the genetic explanation of criminology due to the contaminated history biology. The criminologists are giving more attention to the social causes of crimes. The main concern of this article is to draw the attention to the fact that crime and violence connect social and biological themes together. Environmental causes also play a vital role in violence and criminal behavior. Unlike psychologists, criminologists and sociologists are more playful about genetic causes of crime.

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