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A Good Life


The book On Shortness of Life aims at helping different people to know and understand their true calling. My essay will narrow down on the part of shortness of life and how the piece would help a person achieve their dreams. Indeed, there is a need to understand ourselves and know the need to use the time that we are provided with in the most active and useful manner (Seneca, pg 1). Also, I aim to reveal the goals that I have, evaluate them and then explain why I need to achieve the goals. I will explain why I chose the goals and why they are important to me. It is important for me as an individual to have such goals. Being able to plan ahead is important because it enables a person to have an idea of how to manage their time in a proper manner. On the Shortness of Life gives meaningful insight on the importance of knowing how to utilize time well. It is important for me to make sure that I get my peace of mind as well as good health. I have to avoid issues like time wastage, self-indiscipline and giving up quickly to realize my goals.

Component 1:

My Concrete, Positive Goals in Life

To maintain peace of mind: This is the most important goal in my life. I feel that it is important for me to possess the peace of mind because of the benefits that come after. It is important for me to maintain a balanced mental state as well as the physical and emotional state. Being in a stable state of mind, where there is no fear, worries or stress is necessary for the general growth of an individual. Peace of mind is a goal that I wish to achieve because, in that state, I would be calm, with a quiet and functional mind always. That state of mind is necessary and healthy because the brain functions better when it is at peace. Also, the peaceful state of my mind would drive me to tackle all my problems with a sober mind and a sharp, functional brain.

To maintain Good Health: My second goal would be to achieve the ultimate healthy body and maintain it in the best way possible. A healthy body gives room for a healthy way of living. Being physically fit and consuming the correct types of food gives an individual the drive and energy to work hard and make themselves better people in a community. The unhealthy people are always lazy and therefore lead a sad life. Acquiring and maintaining a healthy body is important for me because it wold encourages me to have more drive and achieve more in the shortest time possible.

To acquire financial security: In the world today, people work hard to secure their financial future. Money has literally become the answer to all problems that a person may have. It is also my goal to ensure that I reach my targets of financial income to enable me get what I want, when I want it. To get to that goal, I have to realize the importance of keeping time and how valuable it is in general.

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