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Faith Harper Case Study Analysis


Domestic violence is quite prevalent in many communities. It can be described as a case where on spouse turns on the other and causes them distress physically, mentally or emotionally. In some cases, domestic violence is accompanied by cases of sexual domination, abuse or even rape (Cefrey, 2009). In some escalated cases, the violence is extended to the children in that relationship. Victims of these cases are referred to safe shelters where they are kept away from their abusive spouses. In the shelter, they are accorded psychological help to cope and move on from such abusive relationships. Additionally, they receive legal help in seeking justice against their abusive spouses, custody of their children and other services. Victims in the shelters are given a push to get back to life where they are assisted to get jobs and subsidized housing among others (Cefrey, 2009).

Social services are put in place by the government to help victims of such relationships. The most common is child protective services. This agency helps children that are caught in between the violence between the spouses (Chui & Wilson, 2006). This case study looks into the life of a victim of domestic violence and sexual abuse. It critically looks at the key players in the entire journey of the victim. It looks at the key facts that the players in the case are involved in. Moreover, there is the look into the challenges, themes and issues and possible solution to such cases in the future.

Identifying the Critical Facts

The key players in the case Victims

Faith Harper

Faith is the main player in this case study. From the script it is quite evidence that she was a victim in both a personal and communal way (Weiss, 2004). Faith was married to Bob Harper. Her husband, after she relocated to the United States started dominating over her. The abuse on Faith started light but later escalated to other levels of abuse. Faith Harper is a mother of two very young children from her marriage with Bob.

Faith’s major role in the case study is that she is the victim. She is sexually abused by her husband. Her husband had fantasies that led him to continually dominate Faith in bed. Additionally, he occasionally rapes her and forces her in his sexual fantasies without her consent. Faith also faces physical abuses from her husband. She reported that she was constantly being beaten by her husband at least weekly. Moreover, Faith reported that Bob twice choked her and forcefully took her toddler from her.

Faith Harper reported that she experienced her husband sexually abusing her children. As such, she suffers as a mother seeing her husband abusing her first born son. Additionally, she suffers for her children after Bob took over their custody and neglected them. Faith was evidently distraught as she witnessed the deterioration of her children’s health and their general wellbeing during one of their visitations. She is also a victim of the system. Generally, most people that are responsible in ensuring her wellbeing and that of her family neglect her or turn a blind eye on her tribulations as a mother and a wife. Child protection services do not hear her out on the complaints she has on her abusive marriage. More so, they also turn a blind eye when she complains on the state of her kids. The Social worker responsible assumes her as a mental case and therefore, dismisses her complains.

Although she temporarily got temporary custody of her children, got a divorce and had a personal protection order (PPO) approved, the legal department did not do Faith any favor. Her custody was overrun days later on some unsound reasons. Additionally, in the end she was denied overall custody over her sickly child. Moreover, she had to sack her appointed legal representative for negligence. She claimed that he once slept during a proceeding in court that had been filed on her behalf.

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