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Leadership Management

A choice of the leadership approach to be adopted depends on the level of skills and experience of those led. As is the case leading a team of diverse professionals to achieve a common goal and that is; successfully complete the project as planned, one will need to put into consideration experience of each of the team player when dealing with them. (Koontz, 2010) Ability to motivate those led is what makes a leader successful because leadership is about motivating others with an aim of achieving a desired result.

The first thing a manager should do after assuming the leadership of a team is to learn as much as they can about their new environment. Secondly, calling a meeting with all team members to emphasis on the importance of the contribution of each them to the overall goal of the project will to create a good relationship with the team members. Third, since the manager is dealing with team players who understand their roles and responsibilities it is prudent to leave them to work at their duty stations without much supervisions.

The manager main role in this case will be to make decisions and communicate them. A project output level varies from time to time depending on demand of this electronic parts, it is the duty of the manager to coordinate all the activities in the project to ensure the planned output levels are achieved at all times. In case of a crisis such as shortage of input materials, shortage of labor, plant breakdown and other disturbances it’s the duty of the manager to attend to such matters. Lastly, the manager need to choose types rewards and punishments that will motivate their staff.

Addressing Problems

Before a tender is awarded a contract is signed between both parties which is a legally binding document. Therefore, the plan to attack the construction company has to be founded on the terms stipulated in the contract document. The main concerns observed are; use of substandard materials and not adhering to safety standards requirements.

On the first accusation, (Clarkson, LeRoy, & B., 2014)this amounts to breach of a contract and the construction company can be sued for such. If the contracting company decides to file a case in a court of law, the contractor will be liable to pay for damages, if the case is presented to the licensing authority it can amount to the contractor losing their license or having it suspended. On the second issue at hand, the contracting party may lack legal grounds address the violation of safety standards requirements but the contracting party has moral authority to question how the contract is being undertaken by the contractor. In this regard the contracting party can write to the contractor ordering them to maintain the minimum safety standards as is required by the industry.

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