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Whole Food Company

Whole Food Company is a major player in the American food industry. It consists of a chain of grocery supermarkets that deal with the sale of organic agricultural products such as meat, fruits, vegetables, and spices. The founder is John Mackey. It was established in 1980. Mackey began as a small retailer of food products in Texas. Today, the company has expanded. It has branches the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Whole Food Company brands products differently. Branding helps the consumers to differentiate a product from those of the competitors in the market (Bowden, 2011). The elements include packaging, size, and logo. The grocery bag of the supermarket contains the company logo and the company name printed on it. The logo includes the products that the company sells: fruits, vegetables, and baking products. The brands are all in the food industry. The brands available include 365 Everyday Value, Whole Foods Market, Engine 2 Plant-strong and Whole Trade Products. The logo for each product line is different. The branding helps the company to build on its name as an organic food retailer and as a result, increase their market share.

The firm advertises its products through the media. The channels used include television programs, billboards, radio stations, the internet and giving of samples at the supermarkets and other public occasions. Advertisement helps the company to build on its brand recall and recognition. Customers are also asked for their feedback on their experience with a product. Through the comments, the firm can review their product and make improvements. The company is also involved in community outreach programs. This helps in building brand awareness.

Whole foods construct large store. These stores are approximately 20,000 square feet. These stores are relatively large as compared to local grocery stores. This is a threat to the company as they are at risk of their customers shifting to smaller stores. The products at the supermarkets are quite expensive than those at the local stores are cheaper. This is due to the high expenses in producing organic products. The advantage of the company is that it has many branches. This can also be a threat to the industry. If the customers seek cheaper products from local stores, all the branches might end up bankrupt.

Whole foods aim at putting itself at the 3rd place of a consumer’s life. It wants to be the destination of an individual away from their work and home. At the supermarkets, there are mini-hotels in which people can order cooked food, relax and chill with their colleagues.

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