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Marketing Plan for MasterMind Technologies

Brand Strategy

When starting up a company is a primary key to have strategies on branding. Branding is the way of identification and gives an enterprise a competitive edge on the market (Whatley, n.d.). Establishing a stable and noticeable brand is the success of any business enterprise. Mastermind, a company that deals with assembling of computers and distribution has employed different strategies in generating market and expanding its distribution territory. Among the strategies deployed include; making of the distribution territory and expansion into new markets, verbal and visual communication and different advertisement strategies. Same companies might provide same services but the competition lies with the packaging strategy and customer satisfaction, which also boots the domination of a brand in any market sector. MasterMind has tried the level best to be the leading distributor by maintaining a close contact with the customer effective customer care service. Also advertisements, promotions and campaigns have helped the company in promoting its brand


Brand Name

<>The name “MasterMind Technologies” suggests the underlying principle of the business which translates to intellectual outstanding, organized, coordinated and well-planned. Also the general term “Technologies” enables the company to offer wide range of services apart from just assembling and distribution. A customer coming for one service ends up doing everything at a central location which guarantees efficiency.

Logo and Slogan

<>MasterMind log has a unique design consisting of computer accessories, well assembled information technology devices, and servicing symbols. This gives the customer a clear picture of the business circle of the company. Accessories and servicing portrays the in house services while the computers reflect the complete product. The slogan “Complete, reliable Solution” simplifies the customization of any hardware into a business, home and multipurpose computers, giving the customer an overview of the expected results.

Brand Extension

<>Branding extension serves to increase the market territory by joining with other companies like, Dell, Toshiba and HP to assemble a branded computer that serves the e=intended purpose. Purchasing a branded computer would be expensive to some customers but having parts integrated to serve the purpose cuts down the cost of acquisition.

Marketing Strategy

<>Marketing strategy and planning in any company serves to coming up with ways of approaching the customer. This must be coupled with the customer service plan and satisfaction. MasterMind faces competition from different distribution and reseller companies in the region, which creates, need to have a strategy on how to increase sales and acquire more customers. Developing and maintaining a market is a continuous process that needs planning for the success on an enterprise. Different strategies have been deployed to experience more customer and maximize sales.

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