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Aged care nursing in the UK

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Aged care nursing in the UK

Nurses provide care to the elderly are called geriatric nurses. Life expectancy has been on the increase causing a higher demand for geriatric nurses. They have now become essential professionals in nursing. The primary duties of an aged care nurse it to provide excellent care to seniors. Such people are vulnerable to ailments or are living with various health conditions that require management to maintain functionality or relieve pain.

Where do geriatric nurses work?

Geriatrics nurses usually work at healthcare facilities like clinics and hospitals. They may also work in the facilities:

  • Residential care facilities
  • Nursing home and retirement communities
  • Patient’s homes

Nurses working at nursing home facility may have several responsibilities. In addition to their routine work of caring for elderly, they may also be the persons supervising other employees and must ensure that the operations run smoothly. Since the elderly in nursing homes need some medical attention, caring for them is a huge responsibility.

Aged care is an area that will keep growing as Britain faces larger aging population over the next decade. It means that there will be a need for skilled nurses and geriatric nursing is s good career option.

Nursing home duties for nurses

Basic level care requires nurses to maintain high levels of personal hygiene clean beds and provide proper nutrition. They can also perform more advanced roles including.

  • Giving IVs
  • Administer medication
  • Draw medication
  • Monitor vital signs

You can work in a nursing home if you are in one of these categories of nurses.

  • Registered nurses
  • Licensed practical nurses
  • Nursing Assistant

When you are caring for the aged, there are various duties to cover in each shift depending on the nature of patients illnesses including:

  • Give medication to patients also called residents in nursing homes
  • Observe patients under your care
  • Check patient’s natal signs
  • Change dressing
  • Ensure that the patient is comfortable
  • Liaise with patient physicians

Registered nurses may direct registered nurses, and caregivers who attend to personal patient need such as bathing or dressing to take up certain duties as necessary. Like nurses in other roles, those caring for elderly residents must document everything they do in a shift. If you are taking care of the aged, you must write about the patients attended to, the observations on patients' health status, temperature, blood pressure and other necessary readings as well as other tasks you complete in the day. You also handle new admissions during the checking in of a new resident to the nursing home. It is your work to fill the important teamwork, show the residents to their rooms and assist them as they settle in.

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Family liaison

Liaising with patients is another essential role for an aged care nurse. When a resident moves into a nursing home, it is vital that the nurse consults his or her family members. It helps in the smooth transition as you will know what kind of care the residents requires his likes and dislikes. Sometimes, new residents face particular challenges and family liaison is very helpful at this juncture.

A good with family members is healthy as it is not only residents who require support. Sometimes the family also needs support from nurses to understand the health status ad concerns of their resident relative. A skilled geriatric nurse can assist residents and their families to solve problems and satisfy everyone with the outcome.

As we can see, aged care nurses perform various duties during their day. They offer direct care to nursing home residents. They take care of the residents, paperwork and attend to problems that arise during their shift. It is satisfying to work as an aged care nurse when you have empathy for needs of the elderly people.

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