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How to Prevent Neck Pain after Sleep

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How to Prevent Neck Pain after Sleep

Neck pain is a painful strain on the muscles between the head and shoulders causing discomfort and prevents turning.

Are you suffering from constant pain on the neck in the morning after waking up? You can prevent sleep neck pain by making these changes:

Sleep on the back

Sleeping on the back is the best position for most comfortable rest of the entire spine. Sleeping on the back with a pillow under each of the arms helps in preventing aches at night. The extra pillows under the arms take the strain from the neck. People with chronic conditions such as a stenosis or spinal arthritis find it easier to sleep on a slight incline by adding a foam wedge pillow to the bed and switch to an adjustable bed.

When sleeping on the back, a rounded pillow with flatter cushioning for the head is the best for supporting the natural curve of the neck. You can achieve it by tucking a neck roll into the pillowcase if the pillow is flatter or softer. Another suitable option is to use a unique pillow with built-in neck support that has an indention for resting the head.

A feather pillow is very comfortable as it conforms to the neck's shape to prevent pain thus there will be no pain in the morning. Nonetheless, it is essential to remember that collapses with time hence it is vital to replace it after a year.

Sleep on the side

Sleeping on the side is another good position that helps in preventing neck pain. If it your favorite position, use a pillow that higher on the neck to keep it straight. However, it is advisable to limit the height of the pillow so that it is not too high. Use one that is around 4-6 inches thick is a suitable option. It depends on the density of the pillow material and distance between the point of shoulder and neck. The height should prevent the head and neck from bending or turning unnaturally to one side.

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Sleeping on a journey

Frequent journeys compel you to sleep on during the travel. A pillow in a horseshoe shape is the suitable one when you sleep in car, train or plane. The shape helps to give the neck firm support and prevents the head from dropping to one side when dozing. The pillow is also helpful when you recline to watch TV. The pads should be small to mid size. A pillow that is too big behind the neck is not comfortable because it forces the head to lean forward unnaturally.

Develop a regular sleep schedule

Inadequate sleeping prevents the muscles from getting enough rest and recovering from the strain. Failing to sleep enough for many days can trigger back and neck pain. The pain hinders a good night's sleep thus piling up more sleep problem and making it difficult to achieve a regular sleep cycle. If it is affecting you, the right action adjusts the sleep habits to ensure that you get quality sleep for adequate time. Good practice including setting the same sleeping and waking time, switching off electronics before sleeping, avoiding alcohol as well as caffeine before bedtime.

Sleep on a comfortable mattress

A mattress should be more than something to lie on hence it is important to determine if is comfortable. The best mattress provides proper support, pressure point relief, and spinal alignment. A medium firm mattress is the best for relieving and preventing pain in the back and neck. A soft mattress causes the shoulders to sink while extremely firm mattresses exert more pressure on the back causing pain.

Avoid sleeping on the stomach

Sleeping in this position strains the spine because it arches the back. It also strains the neck as you have to turn the head to an extreme angle for natural breathing and it causes painful neck.

If your neck is hurting, try to use some pain relievers and a soft neck collar for a few days if it is very uncomfortable as you earn to sleep in safer positions. Make a point of replacing uncomfortable pillows and mattress.

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