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Life is Music

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Life is Music

Understanding the importance of various components is life is a critical practice that must be evaluated using the necessary apparatus for people to appreciate diversity. Music plays a vital role in individual's' life since it is part and parcel of human interactions. People cannot survive without the presence of music in the society.

It is necessary to evaluate the role played by music towards enhancing people's' livelihood in the community. This paper focuses on discussing the applications of music hence justifying the perception that "music is life." With such objectives, different factors will be analyzed to demonstrate the relationship between music and life hence outlining the best practices that can be incorporated into human behaviors. The different aspects and spheres of life require that there is a balance and music is a significant component that allows for this balanced state of life. Outlining the role of music in life helps in identification of the most appropriate genres that can be implemented in different contexts to avoid a situation where wrong types of music are applied in the wrong environment.


Individuals are talented in different ways hence contributing to the current diversity witnessed in the modern society. The practice calls for diversified ways of sharing information from one party to the other with the aim of creating awareness in different scenarios. People employ their creativity to come up with tunes that contain the relevant information to ensure all people are considered for the message. Incorporation of harmony can change the tune of the message to attract more audience as compared to the case where the words are plainly conveyed to the recipients.

Understanding the value of music in communication improves the rate of collaboration in the society where individuals receive the information and play their parts as per the expectations. Music in its totality, including the words that make it up, the instruments used to give it tune, the vocals and its entirety uniquely captures the attention of people and allows them to have a deeper perspective of the message being communicated (Wheeler 2014). Also, since time immemorial and even today in the modern world, different musical instruments can be used to warn of an impending danger depending on the community of origin. The call for warning through musical instruments was done tactfully and was and remains unique to the different communities. This kind of music is special as it distinguishes the people of the community from their foes. This nature of communication is typically a way of life that is defined by music and it is clear that human interactions are largely dependent on music as a means through which the society is established and maintained.

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Sense Of Belonging

Life calls for every person to appropriately and effectively fit into their position in the society. Just like orchestra music, whereby every individual has a specific role to play and do nothing individually but are all focused on a common goal of harmonizing their efforts for a harmonious tune. In this way, each individual finds a sense of belonging to the larger team and this is a clear picture of a real-life situation where a sense of belonging defines one's position in society and life. Different life patterns contribute to the nature of music due to the dynamic practices witnessed in the formation of a particular music. One has to undergo various stages in life since growth is a continuous process that involves different experiences (Masataka 2014).

The journey can be equated to a musical composition where the musician has to use various notes and sounds to convey a certain message. Tone variation in communication helps individuals to understand the difference in moods since people use different expressions when sending diversified messages. It is essential to appreciate the differences in lifestyles pertaining communication skills since they facilitate the identification of one’s origin due to the characteristics associated with different groups of people. Ethnic groups can be identified via the use of people’s tonal variations hence demonstrating the relationship between life and music.

Stages Involved In Life

People undergo various stages in life from early childhood to maturity where they can make independent decisions. Each of these stages calls for individual soberness and the possession of a clear understanding of the various critical aspects that define life. Just like in a music band, every individual playing the different instruments and singing with the different voices so that they are all in harmony to produce a sweet melody so is the human life in the different stages that they go through.

It is important that an individual appropriately balances their different spheres of life and they can effectively do this through getting support from the people around them. It means that they have to lead their lives with a sense of openness to critique and correction so that they can be able to produce the sweet melody that the society expects from them. In this way, they will be able to lead a life that is appropriate and acceptable in the society due to the kind of values nurtured through the application of musical ideas. A pleasant tune must be balanced when composing by using various musical components to entice the audience. The same applies to life where individuals have to exercise various practices with the aim of fitting in the society by observing best practices that are stipulated in the rules and regulations.

Life cannot be discussed without mentioning the presence of music since the two components are intertwined in human life. Understanding such critical factors is essential in life since it helps individuals towards appreciating the presence of creativity in the society. People can also appreciate diversity where different styles are used to express a given feeling depending on the community of origin. Relevant stakeholders have the mandate of creating awareness of some of the practices that are common and the interdisciplinary nature of survival.

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